Sunday, 6 March 2016


For our hypothesis, if Dettol is used, it can kill more bacteria than the rest of the agents, but that was proven wrong In our experiment.In fact Clorox was the most effective antibacterial agent, and it killed the most bacteria out of all the agents. Because we chose the best anti-bacterial agent from our experiment, Clorox can effectively remove the bacteria. We can use Clorox to clean. To make sure that the number of bacteria growth is highly reduced and everyone is living in safe and healthy environments.THe Clorox product that we used was able to clean the bacteria effectively, other Clorox products that use the same formula might offer the same protection against bacteria and these agents should be able to keep the environment clean.We also want to test if Clorox can kill off all the germs and bacteria which could be found everywhere,be it at home or at any other places, since the bacteria differs from one place to another, and some bacteria may already have grown resistant towards such antibacterial agents, and this will allow us to conduct more specific investigation, as to which kind of agent suits killing such resistant bacteria.

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