Monday, 7 March 2016

4. Discussion

4. Discussion

4.1 Analysis of results

We came to a conclusion that Clorox is the best cleaning agent since it killed most of the bacteria in the agar plates in our experiment. Clorox has the largest diameter of bacteria killed compared to Dettol, Mama Lemon, Life  Buoy.Although it only differs by 1-2 mm.

4.2 Key findings
We found out that our hypothesis was wrong and some of the cleaning agents that claimed that they kill 99% of bacteria are unreliable.But there might be some human errors made by us which had caused the results of be different.We may have spread some germs from our mouth as we did not use the mask to have a more accurate findings.

4.3 Explanation of key findings
All the cleaning agents used did not live up to their advertising in which it claimed to have superior cleaning qualities of removing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Since our hypothesis revolved around Dettol, after the experiment, it is proven that Dettol obviously did not kill 99.9%. But in fact, Dettol, is actually the most trusted brand in most of the households but the result was contrary of what they state.

4.4 Evaluation of Hypothesis
Based on our experimental results, our hypothesis is wrong as from our table, it is evident that Dettol was not the agent that killed most colonies of bacteria, and instead, was the agent that killed one of the least amount of bacteria. (include percentages).Followed by Life Bouy that kills the second least of the bacteria although it claims that it kills 99.9% of bacteria.

4.5 Areas for improvement

I think that we lack of time we were not allowed to repeat the experiment I think that we should be more careful during the experiments as there might be some human error. We could have done our experiment earlier.We might have contaminated the petri dish so as to prevent that I think we should have worn a mask to have more precise results.

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